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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Charming Paintings (MS-part1)

you can download this presentation here :


  1. Dear Nubia (actually I don't know wheather you are a person or a group of people), I'd_like to tell you that you do a very important thing: you
    educate people and teach them to learn and understand beauty. Your taste, your sense of
    color and form and ypur feeling music strike me
    and make me admire your skillfulness. Thank you.

  2. thanks my dear i am glad youo like my "taste" :)
    i am not a group of poeple just a simple person who enjoy the beauty of this world :)

  3. Thank you to have helped me download the still lives! The only thing I still can't download is Giuseppe Mariotti (among those containing still lives) All the rest slide-shows are worth watching and watching. I even don't know who I must thank for help. Nubia's fans, thank you so very much!!! Nubia, thank you for your masterpieces!!!!!Panphutiya

  4. i will add again Giuseppe when i will get time :)