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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Notice for all visitors of this BLOG

Hello and welcome to my blog
i hope you enjoy my PPS

ALL THE PPS on this BLOG (exept 2 PPS i share) ARE CREATED BY ME

this is a site of creator and NOT A SITE OF SHARING PPS who use PPS created by others and stolen like we see on internet -

i do this FOR FREE i do not gain any money with advertising or other source like you usually see on others site of PPS who just steale creations of others and add their links inside to make profit -
Here i share for FREE my creation PPS
and i add my links inside MY creations PPS

again i received today PPS created by me and PIRATED password removed, mail adress and blog adress removed and size changed, which destroy the quality

i ask you AGAIN

do not change the PPS i create in anyway

why some people cannot enjoy the ORIGINALS and need to change and pirate

if my PPS have a size of 10 Mb THERE IS A REASON my main priority is the QUALITY of the photos or images
i see so many PPS passing around with so POOR QUALITY

why destroying a PPS just to winn 1 or 2 Mb of size - with DSL internet connection is it VERY EASY to post a PPS of 10 Mb size

so PLEASE STOP ALL THESE PIRACY and RESPECT THE EFFORTS - If you like good quality of PPS , that you can find on my blog RESPECT THEM

there is no need to make a competition of forwarding dozen of PPS everyday if you even do not watch them and appreciate them
forward less and ENJOY what you forward

kind regrads

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