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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Portraits from Pakistan (part2)

you can download this presentation here :


  1. nothing amazing.... lacks pakistani culture... and the real pakistan is missing

  2. Dear if you do not like it, just ignore - these are just some amazing portraits i could find from Pakistan -i never said it show the whole pakistani culture !

  3. Dear Nubia,

    Please do not be disappointed by the negative comments. This is the color of life. Had all people been sweet life would had been missing colors.

    I appreciate whole heartedly all your efforts in promoting the "soft image" of Pakistan and all your hard work.

    Best wishes !!


  4. Thank you so much dear Afzal
    i know well i cannot please everyone
    but some people have the habbit to criticaze everything, specially those who do nothing jusy sit on their chair - in contrary they should make a little effort to show what is missing :)))
    thanks again