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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Alexandria : The Pearl Of The Mediterranean

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  1. I can't hold my tears, Nubia, you've turned my heart inside out, almost 15 years now out of my beloved Alex but I've just found that my heart is there, in every wonderfully crowded beach, in the slow and never -boring tramway, in the noisy retro downtown streets, in the breath-taking sunset in the Mediterranean view. I've got live there, just got to.

  2. hello my dear
    yes as what i wrote it's the "PEARL"
    i am glad this touched you :)

  3. The password of the protection, please ?

  4. Hello Omar
    you do not need the password to VIEW the PPS
    the password is only here to avoid that someone change my PPS. if it ask you a a password just for viewing it is not normal i advice you to download it again using mozilla firefox instaed of internet explorer - internet explorer someotimes change the PPS in PPT
    it must be .PPS